Extension Support: Breezingcommerce

bcBreezingCommerce is for small to mid-size online stores, straight forward and easy to use, providing just the right toolset you need to promote and sell your products on your website. BreezingCommerce is extendible through a multitude of plugin entry points, (notably Breezingforms) making it easy to add features without the need for hacking.  We can help you very fast going with the following support options:

Breezingcommerce Installation Support Package: (id:bc101)
This installation Package get's you going real quickly with Breezingcommerce. You will be ready to start selling when you have created your products
  • Installation and Configuration of Breezingforms in your Joomla website
  • Installation of Plugins and Modules in Breezingforms and Joomla
  • Configure Payment Plugin of available choices
  • Configure Flat Shipping Rates
  • Configure Product Variations
  • Setup Tax Classes/Rates/Rules
  • Basic Product Configuration Setup

Service Fee:  US$ 225
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Advanced Product Configuration Options with Breezingforms id:bc102)

BreezingCommerce offers through it's integration with Breezingforms Dynamic Product Configuration Options. For this purpose, we created an integration based on our form extension BreezingForms, that enables you to apply the exact same BreezingForms power to your product to either collect data and/or add up to product prices. The power of Breezingforms allows for extensive product selection and dependencies (if selected color white: value abc; if selected color black: value byz). You can build a complete pruduct with tailored prices.

The form is always fully tailored and the development fee depends fully on the requirements. What we do in this package:

  • Created the form which enables these Dynamic Product Options based on your requiremenst
  • Intergrate the form with tha actual product in Breezingcommerce

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Configure Membership Plans (id:bc103)
Setup membership plan with usergroups and usergroup accessibility to products or product groups

Service Fee:  US$ 95

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Downloadable products/files (id:bc104)
Setup examples for 2 downloadable products and one user so you will be able to easy replicate

Service Fee:  US$ 60

{nicepaypal:buy|60|Setup Paid downloads in Breezingcommerce (bc104)}

Payment Gateway & General Plugin Development (id:bc105)

BreezingCommerce plugins are small functional bits that add features and themes to BreezingCommerce. We assist you by developing plugins that enhance functonality or payment gateways.

Both requires specialized coding and we will be pleased to assist you and create your plugin.

Ideal and Bancontact payment plugin for Stripe (id:bc106)

This plugin provides payment gateway support for Ideal and Bancontact for the Stripe ecommerce merchant. Thease payment gatewyas are highly popular in Netherlands and Belgium.

When you install and enable the plugin you will see the following options:

Stripe Ideal Bancontact1
After you check Ideal & Bancontact your next screen will give you the option to select either:

Stripe Ideal Bancontact checkout

After installing the plugin through the plugin installer of Breezingcommerce (not the Joomla installer!) you only have to enter your Stripe client keys and you are good to go:



Any other Breezingcommerce Support needed? Contact us quickly through the form.  Our response will be send to you from our email gws.desk at gmail.com. Make sure pls that our response does not end up in your spam-folders!