Extension Support: Breezingforms / Content Builder

bf sBreezingForms Pro is the only state of the art form builder for Joomla!® that combines modern techniques with enterprise features. From great looking simple forms up to complex form applications -- almost everything is possible! We can help creating the most complaex forms with or without integration with the ContentBuilder

GWS-Desk.com is Crosstec's official & appointed partner for developing custom forms & Content Builder Apps.

If you need to create modern Joomla!® forms with all bells and whistles like responsiveness, Twitter® Bootstrap or web app style form based applications, then BreezingForms is the tool of your choice.

So what is your (Forms or App) etite today?
  • Multi-Page Forms with dependencies ?
  • Specials CSS or jQuery effects in your forms?
  • Multi-Grid Forms?
  • Special Editable Views in Content Builder?
  • Calculations?
  • Web-App based application?
  • Show form submits in any format on frontend with ContentBuilder?
  • Payment Processor Integrations?
  • Social Media Integration (example form submissions presenting on Facebook?)
  • Breezingcommerce Integration? (see Breezingcommerce Package)
  • Digital Signatures?
  • Mailchimp or Telegram Integration?
  • Ajax File Uploads with Progressbar?
  • Special (editable) PDF as output from your form or views?
Just to mention a few......

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Any other Breezingforms or ContentBuilder Support needed? Contact us quickly through the (Breezing)form.  Our response will be send to you from our email gws.desk at gmail.com. Make sure pls that our response does not end up in your spam-folders!