Extension Support: Jomsocial

joms smallJomsocial is a social networking component for Joomla! It allows you to create your own Network socially with Video and Photo Gallery, Event Management and other features that can work out of the box. We help you to create your Social Net with the following services:

JomSocial Core Setup Package (id:js101)
  • Installation Jomsocial
  • Configuration Jomsocial
  • JS & Joomla User Integration
  • Customize User Profile& Groups
  • Configure Privacy Settings & Permissions
  • Configure Social Streaming
  • Custom Fields & Setup Registration
  • Setup Private Messaging
  • Video and Photosharing Configuration
  • Configure Eventing

Service Fee:  US$ 350
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Jomsocial Cronjob setup (id:js102)
Setup the cronjob on your hosting account

Service Fee:  US$ 40
{nicepaypal:buy|40|Jomsocial Cronjob setup(js102)}

JomSocial Functionality and CSS modifications

Often Jomsocial need smodifications in functionality or CSS. We are here to assist with those modifications.


JomSocial Skype Online WalkThrough (id:js103)

2 hour JS Core Training Online with Skype and Live Screensharing

  • Configuration JS explained
  • Custom Fields
  • Plugins and functionality explained
  • Profile & Tab Layout explained
  • Userlists setup
  • Permissions and Privacy
  • Groups explained
  • Messaging and Communications
  • User Management
  • Video & Photo Sharing
  • Social Streaming

Service Fee:  US$ 250
{nicepaypal:buy|250|Skype JS Walkthrough (cb103)}

Community Builder Addons Skype Online WalkThrough (id:cb106)

1 hour CB Addon Training Online with Skype and Live Screensharing

  • Add-on Functionality explained
  • Installing Addons in CB
  • Integration with Core CB functionality
  • Profile & Tab Layout explained
  • Add-ons and Profiles
  • Add-on Management
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Service Fee:  US$ 125
{nicepaypal:buy|125|Skype CB-Addons Walkthrough (cb106)}

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