Extension Support: Joomshopping

joomshoppingbagJoomShopping is an easy to administer shoppingcart and features include customized PDF bills, modules for easy integration of payment providers and payment gateways as well as the ability to import and export data. We can help you very fast going with the following support options:
Joomshopping Installation Support Package (id:joomshop101)
  • Installation Joomshopping
  • Configuration Joomashopping
  • Install modules & plugins
  • Configure modules + Plugins
  •   Setup Payment gateway (PP:default) & Checkout Process
  •   Setup Demo Products with attribute examples
  •   Setup Tax/Shippping
  • Service Fee:  US$ 175
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    Update Joomshopping 3 to version 4 id:joomshop102)
    Joomla needs to be on version 3.x (best Joomla 3.8.x!
    • Migrate Joomshopping database to Joomla 3.x version
    • Migrate Joomshopping database to Joomlshopping 4 version
    • Move images to Joomla 3.x install

    Service Fee:  US$ 75
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    Joomshopping CSV Import Suppport (id:mijo103)
    You will need to provide the Add-on as described here

    We will guide you with your task to create the csv-file and test the import for you and will inform you on corrections to be made (if any). The final CVS/Excel will be imported and you will be ready to Sell!

    Service Fee:  US$ 95

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    Backlink removal Maxmedia (id:joomshop104)
    You want to safe the rididiculous expensive fee of Euro 199 (around US$ 235 per date)and remove the Maxmedia advertisement from your site? You have come to the right address since you will save US$ 160!

    Removal of the backlink on all pages of your site (removal of "Copyright MAXXmarketing Webdesign GmbH")

    Service Fee:  US$ 75

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    Any other Joomshopping Support needed? Contact us quickly through the form  Our response will be send to you from our email gws.desk at gmail.com. Make sure pls that our response does not end up in your spam-folders!