Extension Support: Mijoshop

indexMijoShop is a powerful shopping cart component that is designed feature rich and user friendly. It is a turn-key ready "out of the box" shopping cart and e-Commerce component for Joomla. We can help you very fast going with the following support options:

Mijoshop Installation Support Package (id:mijo101)
  • Installation and Configuration of Mijoshop in your Joomla website
  • Configuration basic Openc Cart/Mijo modules as Joomla modules (Categories + Checkout)
  • Configuration Payment Processor (S) as distributed (You need to provided needed data for the PP)
  • Set up links to Shop Dashboard + Categories in Menu
  • Setup one of the shipping options/geo-zones/currencies

Service Fee:  US$ 175
{nicepaypal:buy|175|Mijoshop installation Support package by GWS-Desk.com}

Migrate to Mijoshop from other carts id:mijo102)
Available for migrations of AceShop, VirtueMart, HikaShop, redSHOP, Tienda, JoomShopping, RokQuickCart, JooCart and AyelShop to Mijo
  • User synchronization Joomla with Mijoshop: import products/import categories/import customers/copy images/import manufacturers

Service Fee:  US$ 155
{nicepaypal:buy|155|Mijoshop installation Support package by GWS-Desk.com}

Installation compatible OpenCart extensions (id:mijo103)
Installation Specific and compatible extensions available op Open Cart (you provide license) per extension

Service Fee:  US$ 60

{nicepaypal:buy|60|Installation of OC extensions in Mijoshop by GWS-Desk.com}

Mijoshop Template color modification (id:mijo105)
Modification of the colors of the default Mijosoft template to your required color (single color)

Service Fee:  US$ 140

{nicepaypal:buy|140|Installation of OC extensions in Mijoshop by GWS-Desk.com}

Mijoshop Online 1:1 Training (id:mijo106)

Mijosoft 2.5 hour Mijosoft Training Online with Skype and Live Screensharing with TeamViewer

  • Explain the integrated OpenCart methodology
  • Guide through settings
  • Configuration of OpenCart Modules as Joomla Modules
  • Setup the Cart/Products/Categories
  • Checkout Process & Methods
  • Taxation, Geozones, Shipping & Localisation
  • Attributes and Product options
  • Tips & Tricks
Service Fee:  US$ 300

{nicepaypal:buy|300|Mijoshop Online Skype Base Training package by GWS-Desk.com}

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