Extension Support: Payplans

ppsPayPlans is everything you need to create an exceptional membership system for selling your services online & provides automatic subscription and effortless billing management. We help you to create your Membership system with many tailored services as per request:

Payplans Core Setup (id:pay101)
  • Installation Payplans Configuration Payplans
  • Install modules & plugins
  • Configure modules + Plugins
  • Setup Payment gateway (PP:default) & Checkout Process Setup max 3 Initial Membership Plans as reference
  • Setup Registration Integration (Joomla/CB/JS/Easysocial/etc)
  • Setup Cronjob on server
  • Setup Registration Integration (Joomla/CB/JS/etc)
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Decorate Membership Plans (id:pay102)

Beautify and decorate Membership Plans with attractive CSS

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{nicepaypal:buy||Decorate PayPlans||||||||dropprice;hours;Select your no. hours;1 plan decoration:95.00;2 plans decoration:140.00;3 plans decoration:180.00;4 plans decoration:210.00;5 plans decoration:240.00;6 plans decoration:275.00}
Payplan Payment Apps Installation and configuration (id:pay103)

In case the App is commercial you will need to provide the license for the App. Installation and configuaration per App


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Payplans Skype Online WalkThrough (id:pay104)

2 hours Payplans Skype Walk Through Training Online with Skype and Live Screensharing

  • The Payplan Concept explained
  • Membership Plans Setup Explained & demonstrated
  • Intergrations with Joomla/CB/JS/Easysocial etc. explained and  shown
  • Payment Processors explained and setup shown
  • Recurring Plans explained
  • Subscription Management
  • Groups & ACL

US$ 250

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