Legal: Priority Definition

Valid for Ticket Support & Support Contracts

When you submit a Ticket, we will schedule the support based on the following criteria and we ask you to judge in your submission the Alert Levels. If your submission is not in line with our definitions we will up or downgrade your submission..

Priority 1 Alert (Urgent)

is related to a severe problem which impacts your Joomla installation so it might not functioning properly causing loss of site access and/or loss of production data and no temporary intermediate solutions are available to continue operations.This situation might cause financial damage to your operations and immediate support to resolve the undelying issues is warranted

Priority 2 Alert (High)

Is a problem where your system is functioning but in a severely handicap. The actual status of your installation has impact on your business operations and might well lead to loss or interruption of services or production.

Priority 3 Alert (Medium)

Is a medium-to-low impact problem which involves most likely partial non-critical functionality loss. One which impairs some operations but allows you to continue to function in which there is an easy circumvention or avoidance by the end user

Priority 4 Alert (Low)

Is a low impact issue that is disturbing but does not impact site functioning in any form but needs to be addressed at one stage (example: image does not show)