Specialized Support: Joomla Training

GWS-Desk Skype Joomla Walkthrough

2 Hours and you can avoid this frustration!

60 minutes: Introduction to the Administrator Area

  • Configuration settings: All the Tabs and Settings explained
  • Extensions: Differences and functionalities: of Components, Modules, Plugins  and their option Tabs explained
  • Media Manager: Upload images and organize folders
  • Frontpage explained: Formatting & options
  • Content Management: Explained: Nested categories/content
  • Create Content: Explained: editor/typography/text/images/linking
  • Menu system: Types explained & creating new modules, positioning, parameters
  • Templates: Work with templates and assigning them
  • Modules: positions, module creation and assigning to pages explained
  • User Management: Explained with options
  • ACL & Permissions: Explained
  • Plugins: Usage and functionality explained
  • Templates: Management and Modifications explained

30 minutes: Site Management

  • Backup a site
  • Restoring a site from a backup
  • Tools for Site Management
  • Recover a Password

30 minutes: Questions and Answers

How to get this expert guidance?

  • Have a working Skype and Teamviewer connection (It is free!)
  • You purchase the service by clicking the button below
  • You will receive a confirmation
  • We will contact you on the email you used while purchasing the service to make a quick appointment. We will confirm the appointment per email

When we start the session you will get access to our instruction-server and upon the moment you login we start your session. We will guide you through all steps above in a live- onsite-instruction and we will be able to monitor your progress. Because we do this on our servers you do not have to be afraid to do things wrong! It is good to do things wrong so you will see how they can be corrected! You will be served by highly mature Joomla-specialists who are careful, patient and are able to guide you with lots of fun through an otherwise possible terrifying experience!

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Specialized Joomla Support by GWS_Desk.com: Joomla training

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