Specialized Support: Website Restore

Website hacking has become a pest on the internet. Criminals who attack a site for identity theft such as social security numbers and credit cards are professionals, often a criminal organization who can use their own hackers, hire college students, or simply buy large amounts of stolen information from professional hackers. And the result is a spike in the number and size of reported data breaches by hackers.

Hackers who used to do it for the thrill or the fame are now doing it for profit. There is nothing worse for a website owner than to have his site down and demolished due to a hacking or due to a botch upgrade or other reasons for crashes.

Down time results in financial losses, affects search engine ranking, demolishes site traffic since visitors, users and buyers loose trust in you and your site. So we come to your assistance once more!
The GWS-Desk Restoration Service restores and start repairs on crashed/hacked/wacked websites within a firm time frame . This guarantees you that the time it takes to get the site restored and back online is minimalized.  1

This service can be used for:

  • Restoration of Crashed Websites
  • Restore Hacked Websites
  • Removal of Security Breaches through sql-inserts
  • Restoration of Functionality
  • Secure the site after restoration according to Joomla security guidelines
Buy Now and enjoy the following benefits:
  • Your site restore within a very clear short period the fastest possible
  • We provide restore services, solutions and support for Joomla version 1.5.x/2.5.x and 3.x
  • Ability to access and submit our professional Support-system. You will be able to communicate with our specialists, independent of your time-zone and availability of your email due to your crashed, whacked, hacked site!
  • You will be able to review the progress status any time you wish and view the progress of your question and handling of your problem real-time!
  • We will provide all our knowledge to resolve the issues relentless spend time or effort. When we cannot resolve the issue (unless caused by 3rd parties such as hosting/networking/3rd party extensions availability/acts of God etc etc) within a reasonable amount of time we will provide you a coupon for future use of our Assistance with a value identical to the purchased package for no additional charges. This is a no cure no pay guarantee effectively!

*1 This depends solidly on technical limitations by your host, availability of full access to a modern control center such as cPanel, ftp, size of site , availability of possible backups and /or possible relations or occurrences forthcoming from the initial incident. If your site does not exists any longer and you have no backups available we will not be able to restore. We will only restore your site to its prior state and functionality, any site improvements will be considered new work and billed accordingly. Migrations, Upgrades, etc are excluded from the incident counting. Commercial extensions will need to be provided by buyer and are excluded from the purchase amount.

F1-Package (12 hours Start Restore Service) US$ 275 {nicepaypal:buy|275|F1-Package Site Restore Service}
F2-Package (24 hours Start Restore Service) US$ 240 {nicepaypal:buy|240|F2-Package Site Restore Service}
Specialized Joomla Support by GWS_Desk.com: Website Move

Emergency Restore Service of a hacked or crashed website

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